The Journey to 'See Only Love'

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All things have a beginning, so this entry marks not only the beginning of my blogging journey with you, but also a little explanation of the birth of 'See Only Love'.

OM statue at Mount Madonna

About 3 years ago, I was living in an intentional yoga community called Mount Madonna, which is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California. There I was enrolled in their YSC (Yoga, Service and Community) Program, which teaches you the tools to live in a community while practicing the 8 limbs of traditional Ashtanga Yoga. The center was created over 30 years ago by devotees of Baba Hari Dass, a silent monk whose life of discipline, yoga, and love has inspired people around the world. 

Anyone who has lived in a small, secluded community will tell you that, like most families, personalities can occasionally clash. The unique aspect of living at Mount Madonna and participating in their community program was to learn how to live and communicate with others using the principles of yoga

See Only Love Tarot Card

I often pull tarot cards from various oracle decks; one of my favorites is Doreen Virtue's "Daily Guidance from your Angels".  One afternoon, while being confronted with a puzzling situation, I pulled some cards and the 'See Only Love' card came up. It's guidance reads to "see only the love within each person (including yourself)."  I looked at my friendsand said "That's it. From now on THIS will be my mantra. I will do my best to 'See Only Love' in everyone." It became an inside cue between us, whenever we felt an aversion to anything, we would collectively say "SEE ONLY LOVE" in a sing song way. 

Prema Jen Posner Peru

After about 11 months of living at Mount Madonna, I decided to pursue a dream of mine and booked a one way ticket to Peru. There I met a man and fell in love quite quickly. We were married in Cyprus, his homeland, 6 months later. From there we moved to Bali. But being so far away from my family and friends became increasingly more challenging. This, and other things, led me to make the very hard decision to leave my marriage and return to the States.  

Back home, heartbroken and feeling utterly lost I decided I needed to shift my energy. I sat down in meditation one day and just totally surrendered and asked to be used as a vessel. This is when the initial idea for 'See Only Love' came through. I wanted to create something that gave people the tools to remind themselves of the truth of who we ALL are: Pure Light and Love

So here we are. This is just little taste of stories I hope to share with you along the way. 'See Only Love' is way of being in the world. It is a daily, moment-to-moment practice. Some days feel more confronting than others but those are the times when we need to see others with eyes of Love the most. 

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I look forward to reading your comments and hearing your stories about your personal SEE ONLY LOVE journey.

From my heart to your heart,


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  • Beautiful Jen. I am so inspired by your journey. What an incredible role you have take on, mentor the communities that you touch. I love the premise behind your website and the journey through life you are taking. If only our world as a whole could see only love. And it will begin with me, as it has with you. Thank you for inspiring me and sharing a part of your life. I truly look forward to meeting up again someday!

    Sky on
  • I love your story and am so inspired by how you live your life! Excited to read more from you! Namaste XOXO

    Christina on
  • You are such an amazing woman. I am thrilled to see your website up and look forward to buying some of the beautiful items you will be selling. When I look at you, I see only love shining out of your heart. ??❤️

    Jill on
  • I have loved Prema Jen for many years, even after I inadvertently dropped her one day while babysitting her, in an elevator, and look where she is now! I might be older but she is wiser! Her inner beauty shines out as well as her outer beauty. Her path of life has not been easy, and that is an outsider looking in, but she has always showed all her SeeOnlyLove side of life. She has always made a difference and this new venture is no different, she will succeed and I am so pleased to see her finally getting back to blogging. I love reading her adventures. True to heart and real to brain. Keep it going and know you are supported both mentally and physically in all you attempt and do. You DO make a difference, every day. Know it!

    Ruth on
  • Having witnessed some of your journey in Peru and personally feeling of the deeply rich and loyal love you shed into my life and everyone around you, I can’t possibly find the words to describe how sincerely I celebrate and honor your path. Thank you for sharing your heart and journey.

    Rachelle on

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