How to co-create with Tumbled Crystal Stones

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Tumbled Crystal Stones


There are so many ways to work with Tumbled Stones which makes them essential to any crystal collection, whether you are new to stones or have been collecting them for years.

Here are some of my favorite ways to co-create with them:

  • Place them in your water. Crystal elixirs are a great way to access the healing power of the stones and literally absorb your intentions into your physical body.
  • Place them in your bath in combination with essential oils and flowers.
  • Create crystal grids with them. Small stones help to activate larger ones.
  • Grid your home with them. Work with specific stones and Feng Shui areas in your home.
  • Carry them in your purse/ pocket/ bag and hold them when you are in need of guidance and/ or support.
  • Hold them in your hands during meditation.
  • Place them intuitively on your body.
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