$ 12.00

Clear Quartz for Spiritual Alignment

These Clear Quartz tumbled stones are the clearest and most activated I have yet to come across. Clear Quartz enhances psychic abilities and attunes you to your spiritual purpose. Used in meditation, Quartz filters out distractions.

It is an extremely powerful healing and energy amplifier. It Holding a piece of Quartz in your hand, doubles your biomagnetic field.

Quartz takes energy to the most perfect state possible, acting as a deep soul cleanser and connects the physical dimension with the mind

Additional Clear Quartz benefits include:

> Raise energy to the highest possible level

> Works on multidimensional levels of being.

> Has the ability to dissolve karmic seeds

> Enhances metaphysical abilities
> Attunes to spiritual purpose
> Energy enhancement
> Brings the body into balance
> Master Healer
> Unblocks energy
> Harmonizes and balances energy in the body.
> Enhances psychic abilities