Rhodocrosite Tumbled Stone
$ 12.00


Rhodocrosite is an essential heart healing crystal. It boosts Self Confidence and encourages Self Love. It has helped me so much over the years, especially during times of deep grief and emotional unrest. I can't recommend it enough. Carry it with you in a pouch or in your pocket. This is one to have on you at all times to serve as a reminder of the beautiful Light that you are!

Rhodocrosite benefits include:

> Promotes self-love. 
> Inspires self confidence and self willed action.
> Assists in healing emotional wounds. 
> Deepens meditative states. 
> Stimulates creativity and imagination.
> Helps to connect to one's child within.
> Encourages playfulness. 
> Allows for clarity of self-exploration.
> Pushes one forward, in both action and thought. 


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