About Prema

Prema Jen Posner See Only Love Crystal Healer Yoga Teacher Founder

Prema Jen Posner, founder of See Only Love, is a crystal healer, yoga teacher, world traveler, and powerful heart activist/ advocate.

Born in New York City, Prema attended the Lycee Francais de New York which, at a very young age, inspired her to travel and connect with foreign cultures. Raised in and around the fashion world, she was greatly influenced by the industry and built a career as a fashion and entertainment publicist. In her search for more meaning in her professional life, she transitioned her skills to become the National Marketing Director for The Art of Elysium, a children’s charity based out of Los Angeles. 

However, fate had other plans in store for Prema.

Upon returning from  a friend’s wedding in India, Prema could no longer ignore her desire for transformation and adventure. She went on to leave her job, her home and all sense of security by booking a one way ticket back to India with the intention of sharing yoga and meditation with children who reside in orphanages. This nine year pilgrimage led Prema to live, travel and study all throughout India, South East Asia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Peru and Guatemala

The change of course in Prema’s life helped her to dive deeply into her own spiritual journey, while she consistently sought out the influences and teachings of other healers and shamans along the way.

Prema Jen Posner Yoga Teacher Crystal Healer

Today, it is Prema’s greatest wish to create a space where self-healing and self-love can take place so she can help others pave the way towards happiness and inner peace. She guides people back to their true selves by sharing some of the many tools that have supported her along the way.

"See Only Love is a resource for healing," she shares. "Having had many a healing crisis myself, I have become a compassionate witness to other’s  struggles. My hope is that See Only Love will be that perfect resource to help people discover their own sense of truth, self-love, deep understanding and healing.”

Thank you for your Love and support.

Please contact Prema directly with any questions at:  Prema@seeonlylove.org