Crystal Weaving Love


  • "My weaving arrived!!! It arrived and it's astoundingly beautiful!  I cannot thank you enough. It's come into my life at the perfect moment and I cannot wait to soak in all the healing energy it has to offer. Thank you, thank you so very much for this priceless gift!" ~ Jessica
  • "I call my 'See Only Love' crystal an amulet because that’s what it feels like for me.  A very special, powerful necklace that helps me connect to my courage, strength and power the way I imagine fairytale amulets assist those in far off, magical lands.  I have two daughters so I know some things about magic.  Receiving an amulet from Prema Jen Posner/ See Only Love is a true, artisanal experience.  You don’t just get a weaved crystal - you help Prema create it.  Such a rare thing to be able to speak with the healing designer and offer to her what it is you are wanting for.  For me, it was courage, strength, power and protection.  And when I opened my mailbox and discovered my 'See Only Love' package, the experience got even cooler.  I opened a box and in it was a small bag.  In the small bag a card that read like a recipe: My own, personalized amulet recipe.  Prema hand wrote the type of crystal, where it’s from and all of its healing properties.  She also wrote instructions on how to best take care of it, how to cleanse it and reactivate it when necessary.  So cool!  Our family of four are now all proud, weaved crystal wearing people." ~ Matt
  • "Prema, the weaving is stunning on my crystal- I will be wearing it and thinking of you and your kindness- Namaste." ~ Sophie
  • "Oh my! Oh my! I just received such a huge blessing. I look forward to walking forward with such a beautiful piece of medicine to keep me company. Thank you for your magic and medicine dear one!" ~ Sarah