Yoga Class Love


Prema Jen Posner Yoga Teacher
  • "I have never met a teacher that is more present than Prema.  When she speaks to you or touches you, you feel like the only person in the room.  Prema’s classes are a highlight of my week. They are accessible to all levels and she has a unique way of combining the spiritual with the practical. Prema pushes each of us to move beyond fear to find undiscovered abilities and she teaches us to connect with our own inner guide in any  pose. I love how she incorporates words of wisdom from spiritual teachers and I love how she includes her students in her own spiritual journey." - Talie Leder, Student at Simply Yoga in Delray Beach, Florida
  • "My Favorite Yoga Experience! I have been taking Prema's class throughout my pregnancy and look forward to it every week. She has an amazing calming presence and voice that brings you deep into your yoga practice. While staying centered and focused in some yoga classes can be challenging, the flow of her class is perfect. Her dedication to her students as she walks around the room as a gentle guide helps you stay present. She uses the perfect amount of reminders to readjust or align your body properly (but acknowledges that you should listen to your own body and do what feels comfortable.) I also love the words of wisdom that she shares at the end of every class, and she also has a beautiful selection of music that enhances the experience. Everyone in the class is so at peace as we all linger for a few extra seconds in a final pose with our eyes closed and our hands at heart center. It's clear to me that the students are actually connecting to their yoga practice in her class and not just going through the movements. Prema's ability to fill the room with a positive, loving, and peaceful energy is contagious." - Tylah Podolnick, Student in Boca Raton, Florida
  • "Prema is a Blessing! She is an amazing teacher and person. She somehow makes a difficult class seem effortless. You know you've worked hard, but feel so much energy when you walk out of class. Adjustments are always perfect! From her playlist to her readings, I couldn't ask for a better experience. She has a true gift, and I feel very blessed to have her as a teacher." - Jill Rinehart, Student at Simply Yoga of Delray Beach, Florida
  • "Prema brings a special kind of magic to every one of her yoga classes - a magic that kept me coming back. Whether you're a beginner or more advanced, she'll make you feel welcome and help you feel comfortable with yourself in every asana. Prema puts a lot of passion and energy into every class, and she helped foster the passion inside me to grow in my yoga journey. I can't wait to be in her class again!" - Bessie Ratskof, Student at the Sanctuary in Koh Phangan, Thailand
  • "I met Prema at The Sanctuary in Thailand and her classes were a wonderful place for me to find my inner peace to start off the day. She guides her students very thoughtfully and with much warmth and grace. I really looked forward to joining her class every other day I was there!" - Michelle Cheng, Student at the Sanctuary in Koh Phangan, Thailand
  • "Prema creates a beautiful yoga class by being warm, challenging and supportive to everyone that comes to class. Her passion and knowledge come through in her choice of postures and description of the benefits of each of these for the individual. I also enjoy the vibrant spiritual focus of Prema’s yoga which makes being in her class a holistic wellbeing experience. This combination has brought positive change into the lives of the marginalized people of the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre who participate in our class. It is a joy to see the increased positivity and focus that I gain from the class reflected in their faces also. Thank you, Prema!” - Fiona Hunt, Manager, New Farm Community Centre - Brisbane, Australia
  • "Prema was a very thoughtful and down to earth teacher. As a newcomer to yoga, she was able to explain the postures in ways that I was able to digest. After several weeks with her, I saw a lot of improvement and increased confidence in my yoga practice. I continue to do yoga every day, and I'm grateful that Prema was there to give me the knowledge and confidence to begin my yoga journey." - Kyle Crum, Student at the Sanctuary in Koh Phangan, Thailand
  • "I've been practicing Yoga for about 30 years. Upon moving to Delray Beach, Florida, I found a wonderful Yoga studio, SimplyYoga, and then a wonderful teacher named Prema Jen Posner. Unlike my earlier teacher, Prema is young and vital, but like her she is gentle, accomplished, spiritual and wise. Her classes are challenging and complex,bringing one on a journey both physical and spiritual. Her instruction is very clear and logical, while never losing the higher aspect of the process. The asanas, meditations and guiding words are accompanied by perfectly chosen and calibrated music. The harmony that her class creates lasts beyond the mat. The personal attention Prema provides her students enables them to perfect their poses, without disrupting the rhythm of the class. She is a truly inspired teacher and embodiment of why I study Yoga." - Sheri Weiner, Student at Simply Yoga of Delray Beach, Florida
  • "Prema- one of the sweetest souls and best teachers! I met Prema about 6 months ago and immediately knew there was something very special about her. Prema Posner is a real deal yogi, she walks the walk and talks the talk. I LOVE taking her classes because you can tell she's a great teacher at a base level- strong, well thought out flows, specific cues, and nice adjustments but unlike so many Prema goes deeper. There's always a little lesson woven in, whether we are chanting the Ganesha mantra or focusing on Manipura Chakra. She also always reads a beautiful quote at the end of her classes. Teaching us mudras, chants, all while getting in a terrific flow is why I Love Prema. She's also always there to talk and answer questions anything yoga related. Once I picked her brain for about an hour after class about teaching yoga in other countries and her adventures. I could go on and on about this woman! The last thing I'll say is my favorite thing about Prema is you can tell how much she loves yoga and loves teaching it, it oozes out of her, and that's what I look for in a teacher!" - Ruth Morrow, Student and Teacher at Simply Yoga of Delray Beach, Florida