"Please give my heart felt thanks to Prema for her exceptional class this morning. I was energized and peaceful in a way that I have not experienced in a long time. So grateful for her expertise and guidance. Much appreciation and love."

Louise, Student 

"I have never met a teacher that is more present than Prema.  When she speaks to you or touches you, you feel like the only person in the room.  Prema’s classes are a highlight of my week. They are accessible to all levels and she has a unique way of combining the spiritual with the practical. Prema pushes each of us to move beyond fear to find undiscovered abilities and she teaches us to connect with our own inner guide in any  pose. I love how she incorporates words of wisdom from spiritual teachers and I love how she includes her students in her own spiritual journey."

Talie Leder, Student

"Prema brings a special kind of magic to every one of her yoga classes - a magic that kept me coming back. Whether you're a beginner or more advanced, she'll make you feel welcome and help you feel comfortable with yourself in every asana. Prema puts a lot of passion and energy into every class, and she helped foster the passion inside me to grow in my yoga journey. I can't wait to be in her class again!"

Bessie Ratskof, Student at the Sanctuary in Koh Phangan, Thailand

"I've been practicing Yoga for about 30 years. Upon moving to Delray Beach, Florida, I found a wonderful Yoga studio, Simply Yoga, and then a wonderful teacher named Prema Jen Posner. Unlike my earlier teacher, Prema is young and vital, but like her she is gentle, accomplished, spiritual and wise. Her classes are challenging and complex, bringing one on a journey both physical and spiritual. Her instruction is very clear and logical, while never losing the higher aspect of the process. The asanas, meditations and guiding words are accompanied by perfectly chosen and calibrated music. The harmony that her class creates lasts beyond the mat. The personal attention Prema provides her students enables them to perfect their poses, without disrupting the rhythm of the class. She is a truly inspired teacher and embodiment of why I study Yoga."

Sheri Weiner, Student

"Prema is a Blessing! She is an amazing teacher and person. She somehow makes a difficult class seem effortless. You know you've worked hard, but feel so much energy when you walk out of class. Adjustments are always perfect! From her playlist to her readings, I couldn't ask for a better experience. She has a true gift, and I feel very blessed to have her as a teacher."

Jill Rinehart, Student

"Once again I feel compelled to communicate with you.  I want you to know that your inner beauty shines outside as well. I am so enjoying the journey of becoming a yogi. Thank you for your inspirational classes filled with love."

Robin, Student 

" I wanted to send you a huge hug and a heart filled with gratitude for all the classes I attend with you. What I am most appreciative is the spark that you have ignited to learn more about yoga. The spiritual nature has helped in so many different ways. In these difficult times, it has provided me with peace. 

You are the consummate teacher by expanding our knowledge and grounding it in our everyday living. You mention in class that if we were interested in learning more to let you know. Robin and I both want to soak up all we can. You have made a significant impact on both of our lives." 

Joanne, Student 

"I recently squared off with some of my greatest internal sabateurs, ones I have been working to rid myself of for decades.  I couldn't find my way through.  Could not grab the bliss and surrender that was truly in reach.  And then I had the opportunity to work through these old and painful roadblocks with Prema.  Her vulnerability and experience combined with the tools she has cultivated lifted me, cleared my eyes, mind and heart.  It was within hours after our session that I was sort of returned to myself, however this time armed with a new skill-set - one I can forever lean on to assist me in getting back to the source which is filled with light, creativity, possibility and joy."


Matt Boren - Actor, Writer